When it comes to your eyeglasses, put your confidence in Dr. Wilde and our highly trained staff.

His extensive experience in obtaining accurate prescriptions will have you seeing at your maximum visual capability. In fact, other eye doctors in our area routinely refer patients to Dr. Wilde when they have difficulty obtaining the best prescription for a patient. Dr. Wilde’s expertise with the use of prism in eyeglasses to correct eye alignment problems or double vision is second to none. He has helped many patients who have suffered their whole lives with blurred vision, occasional double vision, poor depth perception, headaches, and sleepiness, poor concentration, and comprehension while reading. Many of these patients thought it was just something they had to live with until they came to Dr. Wilde.

Our expertly trained eyewear stylists will ensure that the frame you select is perfectly fit and carefully measured to enable Dr. Wilde’s prescription to perform at peak potential.

“I have never had a pair of glasses allow me to see so well. The clarity and crispness is awesome! I love them and wish all of your patients could experience this!” – Kathy Kleine

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The Eyeglass Prescription


Your eyeglass prescription allows you to live your life to the fullest. It enhances your work and play by allowing you to see all the little details that make life grand.

Dr. Wilde knows that every prescription is a custom prescription – and that a person’s visual demands are as unique as the prescription itself. Dr. Wilde considers not only the prescription, but how you use your eyes in daily life. The prescription, design of the lens, lens treatments, and frame fit all work in synergy to bring your world into focus. If part of this process is lacking, the resulting vision will not be satisfactory.

  • We have the expertise and training to provide you with the best possible eyeglasses for your individual situation and lifestyle.
  • We take into account your occupation, leisure activities, and sport activities when determining your needs.
  • We have a high-tech, on-site lens finishing laboratory and experienced Optician to make you the best possible prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.
  • We oversee your eyewear from start to finish.

Our comprehensive process ensures that the final product will let you live your life as you were meant to live it.