We Answer Your Questions About Laser Vision Correction, Providing Comprehensive Care Before And After Surgery.
Considering Laser Vision Correction?
Dr. Wilde has acquired special training to perform critical pre-operative testing to determine your candidacy for laser vision correction, as well as thorough post-operative followup care after the procedure. Having had the procedure himself, Dr. Wilde can give a first-hand account of the laser experience.

Laser Vision Correction is a procedure that has changed the lives of millions of people. If you are considering having laser, Dr. Wilde can readily answer your questions and address your concerns. The more knowledge and information you have about the procedure, the more comfortable you will be with making the right decision.

Careful pre-operative testing is the best course of action when determining your candidacy for this remarkable procedure. Through an in-depth analysis of your visual system, Dr. Wilde can recommend the best procedure type, surgical facility, and whether or not he feels it is a good option for your individual vision problem. At your laser consultation, our Laser Vision Coordinator will walk you through, step by step, exactly what to expect when it comes to the procedure itself, healing, and post-procedure care.

Laser Clears The Path Ahead

Let Laser Vision Correction Clear The Path Ahead

Follow up care is just as important as the procedure itself. Dr. Wilde will see you the very day after your procedure and for the following year. He will verify that your eyes are healing properly, measure your visual acuity, and rule out signs of infection. Potential complications can be caught and treated right away by Dr. Wilde, which will maximize your final visual results.

Annual dilated eye examinations after laser surgery are essential to maintaining your visual correction. Although your eyes may see clearly, the health and function of your eyes may decline. A thorough exam can detect trouble early, when treatment is most effective.

Understanding your options is critical in making this decision. We are committed to providing answers.