Who Should You Trust With Your Emergency Eye Condition?

At an emergency clinic, you may sit for hours, possibly in pain, to be examined by someone who may have little experience with your condition. Another option is your family doctor, who may have more experience but might not have kept abreast of the latest treatments and technologies relating to your condition. And, very importantly, neither the emergency room nor your family doctor is likely to have the proper instrumentation to accurately diagnose your condition.

A painful, red eye can cause discomfort, concern, and possibly permanent vision problems if not treated properly. Dr. Wilde can put your fears to rest with his expertise and experience. Eye infections, styes, abrasions, corneal ulcers, and foreign bodies are just a few of the problems that Dr. Wilde is educated and licensed to treat. 

Coming to Dr. Wilde, a properly trained and qualified Optometrist with all the instruments needed to determine the proper course of action, will result in a quick, accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

If you suspect you have an eye problem, please contact our office immediately.