The New Leading Cause Of Blindness

Diabetes is the leading cause of new blindness among adults ages 20-74 in the United States.  Patients with Diabetes are 40% more likely to develop Glaucoma and 60% more likely to develop Cataracts.  Over 21 million Americans have the disease and 30% of those are undiagnosed.  Many of these patients find out they have Diabetes by way of a dilated eye examination.  Through Dr. Wilde’s comprehensive eye exam, he has diagnosed many patients with Diabetes who were unaware they had the disease.  He also detects Diabetic changes in the eye early enough so the proper vision saving treatments can still be implemented.  Dr. Wilde feels a comprehensive eye examination once per year is essential for patients with Diabetes.

Why Do People Go Blind From Diabetes?
Advanced Background Diabetic Retinopathy is a consequence of long term Diabetes. Retinal blood vessels begin to leak causing hemorrhaging throughout the retina. The decrease in oxygen to the retina caused by Diabetes can lead to new blood vessel growth under the surface of the retina.  These blood vessels then leak blood and fluids into the macula (the center of our vision) causing significant visual distortion and permanent loss of vision.  When Dr.Wilde dilates your eyes, he can determine if your Diabetes is causing these changes which may require treatment by a specialist. A Retinal Specialist can laser the leaky blood vessels, sealing them off to prevent further deterioration in one’s eyesight.

Like most vision threatening conditions, early diagnosis and treatment decreases your risk of blinding complications. 

It is essential that you visit Dr. Wilde on a yearly basis for a comprehensive eye examination in order to determine if you are at risk of Diabetic eye disease or if laser treatment is needed.