Prescription & Non-Prescription Sunwear – We’ve Got You shutterstock_258950060

Sunglasses should reflect your personality….as well as the harmful rays of the sun!

We all want our sunglasses to look good, but they are there to serve a purpose – cut glare and stop Ultra Violet radiation from entering our eyes. Our large inventory of trend-setting, fashion forward sunwear for both men and women will do both!

Need to look great at the beach? Need visual enhancement for a better golf game? Need a wrapping, wind resistant style for your motorcycle or bike? We’ve built our selection of sunglasses to blanket all your outdoor needs, covering everything from sport to spunk!

Polarized sunglass lenses…the ultimate for glare reduction, clarity, and safety.

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Polarized lenses remove hazardous glare and improve the overall clarity of your vision. The unique properties of these lenses stop detrimental reflected glare, block harmful UV radiation, and ease eyestrain –¬†making it the best choice for sun protection. Highly recommended for outdoor activities, polarized lenses score high marks with fishermen and all watersport enthusiasts. These remarkable lenses also offer the highest level of safety while driving by eliminating blinding glare. Polarized lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription options.

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