Lenses That Are Right For You… And Only YouLenses Clear

You are an individual – inherently different from anyone else. How you use your eyes is just as different. When you require vision correction, your lenses should be tailored to your individual visual requirements.

Rest assured that with the help of our experienced Optician and personal eyewear stylists, you will receive the best lens design and material for your lifestyle, both for work and for play.

Lenses can be made from a variety of materials, all with different attributes. They can be made in a range of thicknesses, from the thickest standard plastic to hyperthin Hi-Index lenses. An array of lens styles are available – from single vision to a multitude of bifocal, trifocal, and specialty segment widths. Progressive, or no-line, have also diversified, ranging from traditional progressive to the innovative new FreeForm technology.

Lens Enhancements should also be matched to your lifestyle. Anti-glare treatments, stable and light-reactive tints, ultraviolet and scratch protection, blue light blocking media, as well as polarization for sun glare are available to enhance your vision in many situations.

LensesHow Do You Decide What’s Best?

That’s where we come in. We’ll discuss how you use your eyes and make the best recommendation for maximum vision clarity and comfort. We’ll take into account the frame you’ve selected, your custom prescription, and your lifestyle. The options can get confusing, so our stylist will simplify your choices based on the information we’ve gathered and advise you as to which lenses and enhancements will provide superior visual acuity for your daily activities.

Critical measurements will then be taken to ensure the prescription is perfectly aligned within the frame and properly balanced with your eyes. Experience is paramount when obtaining these measurements – even the slightest millimeter off is enough to affect your vision.

Our Optician then takes over the finishing portion of your lenses using automated, precision instruments to size and insert them into your frame with pinpoint accuracy. All measurements are then reviewed once again for quality control.

The end result will be a perfect pair of just for you, custom eyeglasses that allow you to clearly live your life to its potential.