Need Contact Lenses?

We’re able to supply exactly what you need. From high moisture soft to multifocal to rigid gas permeable lenses, we can provide you with any available brand at highly competitive rates! Have Dr. Wilde expertly fit your eyes with contact lenses or fill your current prescription!

Convenience & Affordability
When you call us to order your contact lenses, in many cases your order can be shipped directly to your home absolutely free of charge. Several manufacturers are also offering sizeable rebates when you receive an eye examination with Dr. Wilde and order a one year supply – further cutting your out-of-pocket expense. With our competitive pricing and money saving rebates, wearing contact lenses has never been more affordable!

Throwing Out Contacts Sooner Than You Should?
Maybe its time for an upgrade! The newer, more breathable contact lenses are designed to be deposit-resistant, provide a greater balance of oxygen and moisture, and deliver superior optics for a more healthy, natural feeling. Dr. Wilde can evaluate your current fit and recommend a longer lasting, healthier solution.

Green eye

See Life Clear – Both Far And Near
Just because you need correction to clear up your close work doesn’t mean the end of contact lens wear. Improvements in lens technology allow revolutionary clarity up close and at a distance using bifocal or multifocal contacts. Experience and exceptionally accurate fitting measurements are a must for optimum success. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle and visual demands to ensure your candidacy. With Dr. Wilde’s expertise, our patients are thrilled with their clear, comfortable vision…and their new life without readers!

Color Contacts

Add some illumination with contact lenses to change or enhance your eye color. Dark or light, prescription or not, transform your eyes to match your mood – even if you have astigmatism! Choose from a rainbow of hues for a whole new look.

Call us today to place your order or to schedule a precision contact lens fitting!