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Publication:Oakland Press; Date: April 27, 2014; Section: Oakland Press 2014 Reader’s Choice; Page: 8

Celebrating his amazing 9th year in a row of being awarded Best Eye Doctor, Dr. Wayne Wilde wants to thank our wonderful patients who voted him into 1st Place once again!

Since opening Eye Contact Vision Center over 30 years ago, Dr. Wilde has maintained his original vision – to improve his patient’s eyesight and eye health with thorough, honest care. This philosophy has never wavered.

Dr. Wilde’s extensive experience in obtaining accurate prescriptions will have you seeing at your highest visual capability. He has helped many patients who have suffered their whole lives with blurred vision, occasional double vision, headaches, and poor reading concentration. He knows that every prescription is a custom prescription and that a person’s visual demands are as unique as the prescription itself. Dr. Wilde considers not only the prescription, but how you use your eyes in daily life, which is equally important when bringing your world into focus.

While clear vision is significant, the health of your eyes is also critical. Dr. Wilde takes the time to thoroughly search for conditions and diseases which could destroy our most precious gift – our eyesight. Using cutting edge diagnostic equipment, like optic nerve fiber analysis and digital retinal photography, Dr. Wilde can detect not only sight threatening issues, but also signs indicating general health problems. His experience, his comprehensive approach, and the time he takes to explain his findings and how they relate to our overall health have our patients consistently declaring they received the most thorough eye examination they’ve ever had.

Again, we thank our patients for their continued trust in our practice.

Event: 19th Annual Waterford Business Recognition Breakfast; Date: May 3, 2013
Congratulations to Dr. Wilde for being awarded the 2013 Business Person of the Year by the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce at the 19th Annual Business Recognition Breakfast on May 3, 2013!
The Chamber of Commerce article read as follows:
After spending his youth in Waterford, Dr. Wayne Wilde started his Optometric education at Oakland University in Rochester and completed it at the University of Houston in Texas. In January, 1981, upon graduation from Optometry School, Dr. Wilde returned to Waterford and purchased an established practice named Pontiac Co-op Optical. His vision going forward was to improve and enhance his patient’s eyesight and overall health through thorough, honest care. Now, over 32 years later, he is proud that this original philosophy has never wavered.

In November of 2008, Dr. Wilde realized his personal dream of building his own office in his hometown of Waterford. This building, located on Highland Rd, earned the Waterford Beautification Award in 2009.

Dr. Wilde is a member of the American Optometric Association, Michigan Optometric Association, Metro Detroit Optometric Association, and the Better Vision Institute. He also served on the TLC Laser Center Optometric Board of Advisors for over 10 years.

A strong advocate of supporting his community, Dr. Wilde is a member of the Waterford Chamber of Commerce and annually lends his carpentry skills to Christmas in Action.

Always being politically supportive of his profession, through a relationship with a patient, Dr. Wilde recently helped end health plan discrimination by auto companies against Optometry. Patients with this health insurance can now have auxillary medical testing done to rule out eye disease by their Optometrist. This is something that the Optometric community has fought to change for over 30 years and thanks to Dr. Wilde, it has finally become a reality.

Dr. Wilde is very proud of the fact that he was just named the “Best of the Best” Eye Doctor for the 8th year in a row by the Oakland Press Readers Choice Awards. An honor that he says he could not have achieved without the support of his wonderful staff.

Event: 17th Annual Waterford Business Recognition Breakfast; Date:May 5, 2011

Dr. Wilde receives Business Recognition award
On May 5th, Dr. Wilde was presented with a recognition award from the Charter Township of Waterford, the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Waterford Cultural Council. Dr. Wilde was acknowledged for his 30 years of business ownership in the Waterford community.

During the event, Dr. Wilde was thanked by Waterford Township Supervisor Carl W. Solden for deciding to stay in Waterford when he built his new office on Highland Road and continue to serve this fine community.

Dr. Wilde was deeply honored by this award and looks forward to providing vision care for the people of Waterford for a long time to come.

Publication: Oakland Press; Date: March 7, 2010; Section: Oakland On The Move; Page: Health& Fitness-12

Incredible innovations with progressive eyeglass lenses have taken vision to a whole new level of clarity with the new FreeForm progressive lenses. Dr Wilde
Set aside the distorted, blurry progressive (lineless) lenses of years past and experience a digitally-produced, high-definition new breed of lenses. Virtually eliminating the swim and sway sensation of older progressives, this new class is created utilizing an advanced, dual surfacing technology. The result is a custom lens which provides the highest level of true 3D perception and unparalleled optical performance.

FreeForm technology allows lenses to be highly customized for your eyes alone. Dr. Wayne G. Wilde, O.D., of Eye Contact Vision Center in Waterford, said that FreeForm lenses are created using software that simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. Thousands of points of data are calculated, analyzing the lens properties, the distance from your eye to the lens surface, your frame measurements, and your unique prescription. The calculations are then translated into precision optical performance – the FreeForm lens. Unlike traditional progressive lenses, the bifocal power is created on the back of the FreeForm lens instead of the front. This moves the prescription closer to the eye, allowing wider midrange and reading areas. The result gives the wearer natural visual Freeform Comparison sharpness without distortion and distance and near zones that work in harmony, he said.

Fans of smaller frames now have a choice, said Dr. Wilde. FreeForm technology dynamically positions the full reading area inside almost any frame – so reducing frame size no longer means sacrificing your reading space, he said.
The success rate with first-time progressive wearers and converters has risen to over 95%. They rave about the sharpness and clarity provided with this technology, said Dr. Wilde.

FreeForm lenses are not available at chain & big box retail stores. It is an exclusive product available only to Dr. Wilde and other private Optometrists. The makers of these lenses insist on experienced hands and careful measurements to produce the proper results.

Publication: Oakland Press; Date: March 8, 2009; Section: Oakland On The Move; Page: I-7

You don’t necessarily have to “see” problems with yours eyes in order to have an issue with your vision. Some eye diseases are painless and begin to develop before presenting any symptoms. This is why it is so important to have your vision checked annually. New technology has been developed that can help vision care professionals detect eye diseases, like glaucoma, earlier than ever before.

Glaucoma is a disease that usually occurs when there is increased pressure inside the eye that causes nerve damage. Dr. Wayne G. Wilde, O.D. of Eye Contact Vision Center in Waterford said about 30 percent of glaucoma cases exist even in pressure ranges thought to be normal. Once the nerve begins to be destroyed, it results in blind spots and can eventually lead to total blindness, he said.

However, the early glaucoma detection device his office uses, the GDxVCC, measures the thickness of the nerve fibers and can pick up changes that indicate glaucoma much earlier than other technologies, he said. That’s crucial, because glaucoma is treatable, said Wilde. Treatment, such as eyedrops, can help prevent further damage and preserve eyesight, but once the damage is done, it can’t be reversed.

The Oakland Press/DOUG BAUMAN Dr. Wayne G. Wilde O.D. (left) working with Lisa Johnson (right) using a new instrument that detects glaucoma up to five years earlier than other devices. Below is an image of the eye as the instrument sees it.
GDXDrWildeGDX Closeup

Advances in eyeglass lenses include new lens designs that help people see better and are very attractive to wear. Multitasking eyeglass lenses are great for computer users, said Wilde. These occupational bifocals are designed to correct immediate vision in the upper portion and closer vision in the lower part. The line between the two is invisible.

Computer users can use the top portion of the lens to focus on the computer terminal, for example, and the bottom part to focus on the keyboard or their work materials in front of them, said Wilde. “Those have helped a lot of people who work on the computer all day long,” he said.

Progressive addition lenses are an invisible bifocal lens digitally produced to maximize range of vision, said Wilde. They are custom made for each person’s individual vision, he said.

In addition to the eyeglass lenses themselves, there are a variety of lens coating options. Anti-reflective coating is popular, said Wilde, because it reduces glare from headlights at night, the computer screen and in other situations. Another lens coating is scratch-resistant coating. Eyeglass wearers can also choose transition lenses that darken in the sun and various lens tints.

There have been some advances in contacts as well. Among them are silicone hydrogel lenses, soft lenses made with materials that allow more oxygen to pass through, said Wilde. These lenses aren’t as prone to dehydration so the result is that they are more comfortable, especially for those who suffer from dry eyes.

Those who would like to opt for a surgical procedure to improve their vision are likely aware of LASIK, which was approved in 1998. Today there is a bladeless LASIK procedure that uses a laser instead of a cutting tool to create a hinged flap in the cornea, said Barbara Kuczynski, M.D., an ophthalmologist who practices at Advanced Ophthalmology Associates in Clawson and is affiliated with Beaumont Hospital. Both types have shown good results, she said. Some surgeons use both procedures in their practice.

While LASIK is a good option for those seeking relief from eyeglasses and contacts, it is not for everyone. For those who have higher near-sightedness or who are not good candidates for LASIK, there is a new option called implantable lenses, said Kuczynski. This is a permanent solution that involves implanting a lens, similar to a contact lens, in the eye during a surgical procedure to correct vision problems.

Dry eyes are a condition people don’t have to suffer from anymore. Wilde said dry eyes can result from numberous factors, including allergies, environmental conditions, medications, age, auto immune disease and more. There are a number of products that can help alleviate the pain and redness from dry eyes, including Restasis, he said.

Those seeking longer eyelashes may want to ask their vision professional about a new product that can help, Latisse. Applied to the lid line, it can help grow longer eyelashes. However, there are some potential side effects, so people do have to be screened and monitored when using Latisse, said Wilde.

Publication: Oakland Press; Date: May 3, 2009; Section: Best of the Best; Page Number: H-35

For the fourth year in a row, Dr. Wayne Wilde would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who voted him Best Optometrist!
Oakland Press Picture
At Eye Contact Vision Center, Dr. Wilde raises the bar when it comes to thorough eyecare. Equipped with advanced digital and computerized instruments, the new Eye Contact Vision Center, located at 7074 Highland Road in Waterford, allows him to not only arrive at the best possible prescription, but to detect and treat sight-threatening diseases before they cause a permanent loss of vision. His experience, his detail-oriented approach, and the time he takes to explain his findings and how they relate to our overall health have his patients consistently declaring they received the most thorough eye examination they’ve ever had.

On the technological side, Dr. Wilde utilizes the GDxVCC, a new instrument that uses sophisticated technology to measure the thickness of the nerve fibers in the back of the eye. This critical information allows him to detect Glaucoma up to five years earlier than most current instrumentation. Breaking ground in the eyeglass lens arena are the new Free Form progressive lenses. These are a digitally-produced, high-definition breed of lenses. Using dual-surface processing, the result is a custom lens which provides the highest level of true 3D perception and unparalleled optical performance, virtually eliminating the swimming and swaying feeling of past progressive lenses. Dr. Wilde’s 28 years of experience as an Optometrist has convinced him that style as well as clear vision is a must. Looking good and seeing good go hand in hand. With space for over 1,000 frames, his contemporary new office showcases both designer and traditional styles. Unique, handcrafted and colorful frames allow patients to express their personality through quality eyewear. Competitive pricing and payment plans allow Dr. Wilde’s patients to get the look they want without breaking the bank.

Dr. Wilde welcomes new patients and their families and accepts most insurance plans. Flexible hours, including evening and Saturday hours, make appointment scheduling easy and convenient. Call today and see the Best with the Best!

Publication: Oakland Press; Date: May 6, 2007; Section: Best of the Best; Page Number: L-10

Dr. Wayne Wilde offers comprehensive vision services in a comfortable, caring environment. Experience the most thorough visual and eye health evaluation you will ever have, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and computerized equipment. We not only perform a complete assessment of your visual system to afford you the best possible prescription, but we also place great emphasis on preserving your eyesight. Expert detection of diseases and conditions that may lead to blindness is a critical part of every examination. Our specialty services include glaucoma, cataract, and macular degeneration detection and management. We also provide dry eye therapy, emergency treatment, and Laser Vision Correction co-management.

An experienced, fully trained staff is on hand to assist you with your eyewear and contact lens needs. Our facility, Eye Contact Vision Center, boasts a wide variety of frames, including many designer styles, to enhance your individual personality, occupation, or lifestyle. Our style consultants are highly skilled at taking the guess work out of frame selection to achieve the best possible eyewear for your specific needs. Our in-house, automated laboratory assures that your eyeglasses will be made of the finest quality by a licensed Optician. Our optician has over 25 years of experience invested in creating just for you, a one of a kind, perfect pair of glasses. If contact lenses are your objective, rest assured we provide all types of contact lenses, including difficult or custom lens fi ttings.

Dr. Wayne Wilde, a native of Waterford, received his Optometry Degree at the University of Houston Optometry School in 1980. He has been in private practice in Waterford for 26 years and is a member of the American Optometric Association, the Michigan Optometric Association, and the Metropolitan Detroit Optometric Society. Dr. Wilde has always believed in focusing on providing thorough eyecare using a detail-oriented approach. He strives to not only exceed his patient’s expectations, but to meet that goal with enthusiasm and personal attention. Dr. Wilde is proud to announce his second year being voted Best Eye Doctor by Oakland Press readers and extends a heartfelt thank you to our patients for the nomination.