Chemistrie Clip
So Long Clip-Ons, Say Hello to Click-Ons!

Not exactly a clip-on, Chemistrie Sunlenses are clever little gadgets that click directly onto your prescription lenses using two tiny built-in lens magnets. Time to flip your old clip with all its prongs, hooks, bars, and baggage!

The Scoop:

Virtually invisible 2mm magnets are embedded in the surface of your lenses, far off to the side. The sunlenses are then created to fit the flow of your frame and the curve of your lens. The result is a 100% UV-protected, polarized sunlens that “clicks” seemlessly onto the surface of your eyewear.
Click them on, click them off.

The Look:
16 lens colors, 5 bridge colors, and 3 magnet colors let you create your own unique Chemistrie look. Go for a non-mirrored finish or jazz it up with a mirrored front and a glare-blocking backsurface treatment. Match your frame or add some radical contrast – the options are endless!

Is Bling Your Thing?

Add a splash of flash with Swarovski accent crystals! Choose from 12 gorgeous colors that either permanently mount to your Chemistrie sunlens or make them magnetic to mix and match your favorite hues. From Fireopal to Hyacinth, these stones are the perfect way to give your shades an affordably fresh makeover.Chemistrie Crystals

Stop in today and see how Chemistrie Sunlenses let you get your old clip off and get your new Click-On!