It Is Our Mission To:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Educate you on the newest and best technology
  • Focus on your eye health an disease prevention
  • Exceed your expectations

Why Trust Your Eyesight To Eye Contact Vision Center?
Our Thoroughness.
Our Experience.
Our Pursuit of Advanced Technology.

We raise the bar when it comes to thorough eyecare. Dr. Wilde takes the time to explain his findings and how they relate to your overall health, which has our patients consistently declaring they received the most thorough eye examination they’ve ever had. Dr. Wilde educates his patients on steps they can take to prevent eye diseases and improve their overall health in order to see their way through a long and healthy lifestyle.

“Dr. Wilde’s attention to detail and desire to improve his patient’s lives make him an extraordinary optometrist.” – Douglas MacQuarrie, Major, MP-Michigan Army National Guard

Dr. Wayne G. Wilde, a native of Waterford, Michigan, received his Optometry Degree at the University of Houston Optometry School in 1980. He has received certifications in the use of Diagnostic and Therapeutic medications, furthering his scope of practice. Dr. Wilde served over 10 years on the TLC Laser Center Optometric Board of Advisiors, making him fully qualified to care for patients interested in having laser vision correction.

Dr. Wilde commonly addresses patients with such problems as:

  • Difficulty seeing with their current prescription
  • Blurry or uncomfortable contact lenses
  • Ocular signs of systemic conditions, including Diabetes, Hypertension, or high cholesterol
  • Eye diseases like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Cataracts
  • Dry eyes or eye allergy sufferers
  • Computer eyestrain
  • Eye emergencies and infections

“…After reading that you were one of the top eye doctors in the area in the Oakland Press, I gave you a try and was very pleased.” – Kyle McGrath

Advanced Technology
Our office boasts a myriad of technology. Our state of the art instrumentation guarantees the most accurate results, whether it is your prescription or a complex medical diagnosis.

Our cutting-edge, automated equipment includes:

  • Digital Retinal Photography – Providing instant digital representation of your eye health
  • Tonometer – Expertly measuring the pressure inside your eye to assist in glaucoma screening
  • AutoRefracter – Provides baseline readings for your custom eyeglass prescription and corneal curvature readings to assist with contact lens fittings
  • Automated Perimeter – Analyzes your field of vision
  • Eyemaginations – An interactive, touch-screen eyesight education system
  • GDxVCC – Studies the retinal nerve fiber layer to diagnose glaucoma up to 5 years sooner that traditional instruments.

Our in-house, automated laboratory equipped with precision lens cutting instruments assures that your eyeglasses will be of only the finest quality. We have the technology to create just for you, a one of a kind, perfect pair of eyeglasses.

“My vision has improved to the point that I see 20/25 and I’m still able to work at 78 years old! What a blessing!” – Joseph Boring

If you need special attention and thorough eyecare…you need us.