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Set Your Vision Free With New FreeForm Technology

Progressive Lens Wearers – Get Ready To Step Into a Clear New World

One of the many products making life easier in the eyeglass lens world are the new FreeForm progressive lenses. Set aside the distorted, blurry progressive (lineless) lenses of years past and experience a digitally-produced, high-definition new breed of lenses. Virtually eliminating the swim and sway sensation of older progressives, this new class is created utilizing an advanced, back surface technology. The result is a custom lens which provides the highest level of true 3D perception and unparalleled optical performance.

No two sets of eyes are the same and back surface FreeForm technology allows lenses to be highly customized entirely for your eyes alone. FreeForm lenses are created using software that simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. Thousands of points of data are calculated, taking into account the lens material and thickness, the distance from your eye to the lens surface, the exact measurements of the eyeglass frame you choose, your unique prescription, and a multitude of other factors. The calculations are then translated into precision optical performance – the FreeForm lens. The true FreeForm uses back surface technology – the entire prescription will be created on the back side of the lens, as opposed to the front or a front/back combination. This moves your prescription closer to your eye, providing wider, more natural visual sharpness without distortion, distance and near zones that work in total harmony, and undisturbed vision while moving.

The optics on back surface FreeForm lenses are accurate up to 1/100th of a diopter, resulting in the highest degree of optical clarity. The back surface design also allows a 20% wider field of vision, resulting in spacious, unobstructed view of the world.

Fans of smaller frames can now rejoice in choice! FreeForm technology dynamically positions the full reading area inside almost any frame – so reducing frame size no longer means sacrificing your reading space!

FreeForm Comparison

The success rate with first-time progressive wearers has catapulted and converters have raved about the sharpness and clarity provided with this technology.

Back surface FreeForm lenses are not available at chain & big box retail stores. It is an exclusive product available only to Dr. Wilde and other private Optometrists. The makers of these lenses insist on experienced hands and careful measurements to produce the proper results. While some claim to carry a FreeForm lens, they are not true FreeForm technology. They use a dual-surface combination, starting with a premade traditional progressive lens and adding FreeForm technology to a portion of the lens. The result simply does not compare to the back surface, fully customized design.

For maximum comfort, FreeForm lenses are available in the thinnest, most lightweight materials and superior anti-reflective surface treatments to reduce glare.

“I’m extremely pleased with my new glasses, which have the new FreeForm progressive lenses. I can see so clearly and there is no visual distortion when I turn my head!” – Mary Anne