Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying About Us:

“I want to sincerely thank you for the superior service and care I received while visiting your office. The amount of time you spent with me along with the explanations of my vision demonstrated your true care for your patients. Your entire staff is kind and thoughtful. Your willingness to work with my difficult financial situation is very appreciated. I picked up my glasses last week and I am very pleased with them. My vision is perfect while wearing them and they are stylish enough to wear in public when I wish to do so!

I certainly will be recommending you to my family and friends. I only wish I had known about you years ago. I am certain you do not get enough credit for a job well done and I hope this short letter is shared with your entire staff. I look forward to seeing you for my checkup next year. Thank you again and keep up the great work!”
Coach Mike Fras

“Dr. Wayne Wilde has been my eye doctor for the past 16 years and has given me the utmost care in the treatment of my eyes. He has an extremely high level of expertise, which greatly exceeds the level of other optometrists.

Dr. Wilde runs a very professional office with personable, highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment. He and his staff have shown excellent care and concern for me and my vision. I have had several highly challenging eye conditions. Dr. Wilde has been extremely successful in preserving my vision, detecting and controlling my eye pressure and providing me with top of the line eyeglasses, which maintain my 20-20 vision. I have been very happy to refer my family and friends to Dr. Wilde.”
Mary Anne Bowen

“Dr Wilde & his staff provide the finest personal and professional eye care available. Dr Wilde’s attention to detail and desire to improve his patient’s lives make him an extraordinary optometrist. I have been a patient of Dr Wilde’s for 23 years. Dr Wayne Wilde has made an enormous impact on my life.

When I was sixteen years old he fitted me for contact lenses. Dr Wilde took the time to ensure that I completely understood the importance of lens care. During my years as a carefree youth; I managed to wear my lenses too long, not clean them properly and in return developed several issues with lens wear. Dr. Wilde was always there to provide the proper diagnosis, treatment and advice. I was always able to continue wearing contact lenses. Lens use gave me freedom from glasses. Dr Wilde took the time to get to know me. He knew that my lifestyle (sports, work, and military service) was greatly improved by lens wear. He provided me with different options to meet my needs.

Progressing through life I became a police officer and expanded my role in the United States Army National Guard. Both occupations involved long hours, the threat of losing a lens at a critical moment and the need to be free from eyewear. Dr Wilde and I had always discussed RK and PRK. He was never an advocate of either surgery. Dr Wilde’s knowledge of optometry, personal care and advice were very important to me. I held off on both options. In 1999 the use of LASIK grew. Dr Wilde kept me abreast of his assessment on the procedure. In the spring of 1999 he recommended LASIK to me. His recommendation was all I needed to feel confident about the procedure. My police partner and I both received LASIK in April of 1999.

Dr Wilde spent several pre-operation appointments with me; ensuring that my eye’s were measured and mapped properly, I understood the procedure and personal preparation. The results I received were incredible, 20/15 in each eye! No halo effect or any other side effect. I have no doubt that Dr Wilde put me in a position to have this type of success.

Within four years of the surgery I found myself deployed to Iraq for 15 months with the Army National Guard. Our primary mission was conducting convoy escorts on the most dangerous routes in the war zone. Nothing was more important than constantly scanning for enemy threats (IEDs, snipers, ambushes). Sandstorms were a common occurrence during the summer months and I was stuck there for two summers. Nothing proved more beneficial to me than to have great eyesight without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Dr Wilde put me in a position to not only see well, but to keep me alive in a hostile environment!

I recently returned for my 10 year eye examination. Each eye was still 20/15 and no side effects. Dr Wilde’s care has not changed at all. He has moved to a new office, received numerous awards and accolades, but still takes plenty of time at every exam to check your eyesight and the person.

Dr Wilde’s personal care, ability and desire to truly get to know the person is extremely rare these days. I feel that after 23 years of care he is not just my eye doctor, but a friend and role model. We are lucky and blessed to have him in the Waterford area to serve us. My only regret is that by having LASIK through him, I haven’t been able to spend as much time with him. Thank you Dr. Wilde.”
Douglas MacQuarrie
Major, MP
Michigan Army National Guard

“For years, I have struggled with dry eyes and poor vision. Glasses made me feel restrained and contacts made me feel tired. For many years, I really struggled, but after reading that you were one of the top eye doctors in the area in the Oakland Press, I gave you a try and was very pleased. You minimized my discomfort and tried hard to find glasses and contacts that would work for me. But when that wasn’t good enough, you put me in touch with a great laser clinic, and helped me through the surgery, and now I am truly happy because my eyes are now great.

Thank you again for your help. I particularly felt that your office was friendly, your staff was very helpful, and that you took the time to explain yourself. It is important to me that I understand what is going on – I may not be a doctor, but they are my eyes, and I am glad that you take the time to explain yourself as you work to help your patients with their eye problems.”
Kyle McGrath

“When my ophthalmologist referred me to you as a specialist in contact lenses, my vision was nowhere near what it should have been. I really shouldn’t have been driving. From my first visit with you, my vision has improved to the point that I see 20/25 and I’m still able to work at 78 years old! What a blessing!

You are without a doubt the most knowledgeable eye doctor I have ever been treated by and your staff is without comparison!”
Joseph Boring

“After having worn contact lenses prescribed at Wal-mart for many years, I began to have a feeling of irritation in my left eye. Over the course of a day or two, this dramatically worsened; the eye became highly inflamed, oozing fluid and ultra sensitive to light, leaving me unable to open my eyelid and in severe pain. I felt I needed to find an eye doctor with a higher level of experience, and luckily for me, I chose Dr. Wilde. He correctly diagnosed my serious eye infection and its cause and set up a treatment plan which quickly brought the infection under control. Today, I am back to wearing contact lenses, but with the prescription and in the manner recommended by Dr. Wilde, to keep my precious eyesight safe. I believe I could have had serious consequences had I not sought out the expertise of Dr. Wilde. I highly recommend his practice and cannot say enough about the competence and compassion of his entire staff.”
Vince Cesaro

“I have been a patient of Dr. Wilde for the past 13 years. He is definitely the “Best of the Best!” He and his staff have given me excellent treatment in the care of my eyes. In particular, Dr. Wilde detected my glaucoma condition and has taken great care in keeping my eye pressure under control. Each of his staff members excel in their area of expertise. I am extremely pleased with my new glasses, which have the new FreeForm progressive lenses. I can see so clearly and there is no visual distortion when I turn my head!”
Mary Anne

“I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks, and my admiration, for the professional service delivered by virtually everyone in your office. I found your office through pure “luck” while searching in the Yellow Pages. I knew that I would need glasses, however, my past experience with ill fitting glasses left me less than enthusiastic about the prospect. Well, let me just say, I am pleasantly surprised! My glasses fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear.

From my initial phone contact and throughout the process I could not have received better treatment and/or care. You and your staff are friendly and exceptionally knowledgable. I was particularly impressed with the fact that after my glasses had been made and fitted by one of your employees, as SECOND gentleman, presumably the person who actually makes the glasses and frames, ALSO checked the fit and recommended a small adjustment.

My suggestion to others is that if you are looking for assembly line work – go elsewhere. The doctor and his staff at the Eye Contact Vision Center are the “real deal”. On the other hand, if you are particular about your healthcare and the people you entrust it to, well, you will be hard pressed to find a more qualified, professional group.

Mark Soffin
President, A-1 Indoor Comfort Systems, Inc.

I recently ordered new glasses with progressive FreeForm lenses. I had tried progressive lenses twice before but could not adjust to the narrow field of clear vision. These new lenses allow me to have trifocal lenses without the lines. I have adjusted to the FreeForm lenses quickly and with little effort. They are a keeper!