Eye Vitamins: Enhancing Eye Health & Total Wellbeing

Dr. Wilde believes in healthy eyes are part of a healthy body.  In fact, the whole-body formula vitamins available through our office are perfect for the person looking to naturally maintain a healthy body and healthy eyesight.

Evidence based nutrients, elemental lutien and zeaxanthin, and complete daily vitamin components combine to form a vitamin designed to promote, maintain, and preserve optimum eye and whole-body health.

Why is this good for me?

As we age, our bodies have more difficulty processing nutrients and vitamins from our diets, making it harder to obtain the needed essentials.  And studies show that our diets are not as nutrient rich as they should be.

Every structure in our eyes and body rely on precious vitamins and minerals to work at their optimum level. When we don’t get enough from our diet, our eyes and bodies don’t perform to their maximum potential. Damage can occur on a molecular level that we aren’t even aware of.

Are All Vitamins The Same?vitamin pills

No. In order to make vitamins more affordable, many manufacturers skimp on key ingredients that allow the vitamins to fully absorb into our system. Another trick is to use synthetic versions of vitamins with a small portion of the natural vitamin thrown in the mix. This allows the manufacturer to use the word “Natural” on the label. Additives are another way of cutting the cost of the vitamin. If the vitamin has a small portion of the real thing and an inexpensive additive makes up the rest, it is much cheaper to manufacture.  The less expensive the vitamin, the less vitamin you are getting.

Dr. Wilde’s Recommendation

After researching the available supplements, Dr. Wilde recommends MedOp’s MaxiVision Whole Body formula. This vegetarian eye nutrient and daily multivitamin is manufactured using the most advanced, progressive protocols available for maintaining overall health and maximizing visual function.

MaxiVision vitamins have taken up the fight against age-related macular degeneration, helping patients with the condition and preventing it in family members of those afflicted. Studies are also being conducted, evaluating the ingredients in MaxiVision vitamins and their effect on the treatment of cataracts and moderate vision loss.

Call or stop in to purchase MaxiVision vitamins supplements and make sure you are getting maximum value for your money.