Glaucoma is a disease where an excess of fluid in the eye results in elevated pressure.  Over time, this pressure damages the optic nerve, which acts as the highway of information to the brain.  If you were to picture your eye as a sink, either there would be a clog in the drainage system or too much fluid pouring in the sink, both of which can cause a backup.  In the eye, this backup actually results in the death of the nerves in the retina.

The backup, or the pressure building in the eye, typically happens gradually, sneaking up on us with catastrophic results.  Often unnoticed until major damage has occurred, a thorough eye examination by Dr. Wilde can, in many cases, save your eyesight.

Of the 4 million people who have glaucoma, only half are aware.

You are at risk of Glaucoma if even one of the following applies to you:Glaucoma

  • Someone in my family or family history has glaucoma
  • My eye doctor has told me I have “high pressure” in my eyes
  • I have diabetes
  • I have myopia (near-sightedness)
  • I have very high or low blood pressure
  • I am of African American, Hispanic, or Asian decent
  • I take high-risk medications or steroids
  • I am over 40 years old
  • I’ve had an eye injury in the past

If at least one of the above risk factors apply to you, don’t hesitate, call now to schedule your appointment. Glaucoma is a treatable disease – if Dr. Wilde can find it early enough. 

Remember – you can’t see it, but Dr. Wilde can.