The GDxVCC Detects Glaucoma 5 Years Ahead of Former Technology

The GDxVCC Screening Exam – Ask for it.

The GDxVCC, an instrument devoted to detecting glaucoma up to five years ahead of previous technologies, evaluates the actual site where glaucoma damage occurs – the nerve fiber layer of the retina. The test takes less than one minute, requires no pupil dilation, and causes absolutely no discomfort. The standard pressure check (tonometry) is only effective for detecting glaucoma in 50% of patients with this disease. Visual field testing (perimetry) is limited to measuring vision already lost to glaucoma. 

The GDxVCC evaluates the pattern and thickness of the optic nerve fiber layer in the back of your eye, which is hidden under the surface of the retina. A thinning of these nerve fibers could indicate glaucoma long before any vision has been lost.GDXpix New studies indicate that you can lose 40% of the nerve fiber layer before you start losing vision.  A frightening statistic and one of the reasons new instruments like this have been developed.

What does this technology mean to you?

Dr. Wilde, one of the few doctors in the area with this instrument, will have this information at his fingertips.  This gives him more time to treat the disease. This gives him more time to prevent loss of our most precious gift – our eyesight.

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