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Glaucoma – Are You At Risk?

RISK ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST Glaucoma is a disease where an excess of fluid in the eye results in elevated pressure.  Over time, this pressure damages the optic nerve, which acts as the highway of information to the brain.  If you were to picture your eye as a sink, either there would be a clog in the drainage system [...]

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Technology Saves Eyesight

The GDxVCC Detects Glaucoma 5 Years Ahead of Former Technology The GDxVCC Screening Exam - Ask for it. The GDxVCC, an instrument devoted to detecting glaucoma up to five years ahead of previous technologies, evaluates the actual site where glaucoma damage occurs – the nerve fiber layer of the retina. The test takes less than one minute, requires [...]

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Eye On Health

Eye Vitamins: Enhancing Eye Health & Total Wellbeing Dr. Wilde believes in healthy eyes are part of a healthy body.  In fact, the whole-body formula vitamins available through our office are perfect for the person looking to naturally maintain a healthy body and healthy eyesight. Evidence based nutrients, elemental lutien and zeaxanthin, and complete daily [...]

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Dry Eyes?

Is Your Watery Eye An Actual Symptom Of A Dry Eye? Check Out The Following Symptoms: Eye fatigue A feeling of sand in the eyes Difficulty wearing contact lenses Intolerance to wind, fans, or smoke Redness Blurry vision Itching Burning or stinging Watery eyes Watery eyes? Surprisingly enough, a dry eye can be excessively wet!  [...]

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Lens Innovations

Set Your Vision Free With New FreeForm Technology Progressive Lens Wearers - Get Ready To Step Into a Clear New World One of the many products making life easier in the eyeglass lens world are the new FreeForm progressive lenses. Set aside the distorted, blurry progressive (lineless) lenses of years past and experience a digitally-produced, [...]

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Visions of Success

Here's What Our Patients Are Saying About Us: "I want to sincerely thank you for the superior service and care I received while visiting your office. The amount of time you spent with me along with the explanations of my vision demonstrated your true care for your patients. Your entire staff is kind and thoughtful. [...]

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Shopping for Shades

Believe it or not, all sunglasses are NOT created with your vision's best interests in mind. When shopping for sunglasses, most people look for a pair of shades with a tint that cuts glare from light. Most people are mindful enough to know that sunglasses should block the ultraviolet rays from the sun. And, of [...]

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Awarded Best Eye Doctor 5 Years In A Row!

Dr. Wilde has been voted #1 Best Eye Doctor by the Oakland Press Reader's Choice Awards for an impressive five years in a row! Reader's of the Oakland Press newspaper receive the "Best of the Best" ballots each year and are incouraged to voice their opinion on which businesses or professionals they feel are truly [...]

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The Best Eye Care in Oakland County, MI
Welcome to Eye Contact Vision Center

Clearly Superior - Exceptionally Thorough We help you focus on what's important! Eye Contact Vision Center is a comprehensive vision care center dedicated to improving your life through clear, healthy vision. Our services include thorough, medically based eye examinations, disease management, quality, hand-crafted eyewear, and a full contact lens menu. Contact us today to learn more about improving your vision and your life!

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Welcome to Eye Contact Vision Center